Ready-to-Gift Box (4oz candles)

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Not so great with the ribbon?

This Gift Box is for you! The box includes all three (4oz) rituals candles+ (1) jar of matches boxed-up, bowed up and ready-to-go. All you have to do is sign your name.

Begin your journey with "release". All the tense energy, overwhelming thoughts, and everyday stress are weighing you down. It’s time to let go of all of that. Here to help you is our release candle, scented with vanilla + lavender + amber. Warm and inviting, this candle is your partner in crime for your banishment rituals. Friends, transformation is calling. 

Next, light "witching hour" alongside your spell-casting endeavors, daily tarot readings, and potions studies. It’s witching hour - the perfect pairing to your nightly dreams, morning mantras, racing thoughts, and star-lit wishes. 

Finally, light our rebirth candle during your new moon manifestations, or, in the morning to celebrate a day of endless possibilities. It’s time for rebirth, friends, and this candle is here to ride with you on this journey.

3 candles:

  • release: vanilla + lavender + amber
  • witching hour: tobacco + musk 
  • rebirth: fresh flowers + cedar

Et voila!