Summer was born on an early April morning, with a sun in Aries and moon in Leo. She is determined, passionate, and bold. She loves open water, dogs, the sunrise, and family.

With a major interest in current events, media, languages and travel, Summer has spent much of her higher education with her head in the books (though some may argue, the clouds). She is interested in both the big picture (the environment, economy, and government), as well as the health and well-being of individuals.

It was Teacher’s College that brought Summer and Sage together. dioden steadily became a sanctuary where Summer could bring together her love of writing with her passion for lifestyle and innovation, creating a wellness brand that has helped both her and Sage dig deeper into what it means to be human and to live a meaningful life.  

currently balancing: third eye chakra

element: fire



Sage is from Toronto, ON and likes long walks in the forest and lukewarm coffee. Co-founding dioden is her greatest accomplishment. She is in a constant state of self-betterment and is passionate about teaching, learning, and growth. She is a firm believer in self-healing and nurturing the spirit. Reading, writing, burning incense, drinking whisky waters and doing nothing with her dearest friends aids her in these tasks. 

As a past wolf and witch, she is happy to have found her pack in Summer. She is an empath and finds peace in helping others and is overjoyed to welcome you to join her and Summer’s journey through Earth School. 

currently balancing: root chakra

element: earth