Zodiac Gift Guide: Quality Time

By sage


It's the holiday season! Time for baking and eating all of the cookies, wearing red plaid pajamas, watching Arthur Christmas on repeat and giving gifts to the people we love.

This year has been a tough one for many of us (myself included), and some of us may not have the extra cash lying around to spend loads of money on gifts this year. But this year is a perfect time to reflect on what the holiday season is truly all about and we can give gifts geared towards that instead.

so what are you suggesting the holiday season is all about then?

It's about quality time! Spending time (virtually or otherwise...) with the ones we love. It's about connecting, re-connecting, laughing...and just being plain old merry. Now the gift of quality time looks different for everyone and it can be difficult to pin down an activity that you want to experience with your loved ones. But that is the whole point of this gift guide, friends. Take a look at the list below for some ideas on what quality time gifts you can think about giving this year, geared towards your loved ones' personalities: their zodiac signs.

Now I will say that this list is not completely devoid of spending. You can completely avoid spending, or, as some of my ideas suggest, you can spend less/re-focus how you're spending your money this year and give a much more thoughtful and meaningful gift (one that both parties, giver and receiver, can benefit from! Everyone's winning here). I personally find that gifts that incorporate an experience together or involve quality time of some sort are always the best gifts anyway. Many of us have enough stuff, don't you think?

gifts ideas by signs

aquarius: these guys are all about mental stimulation. Brainteaser (wine) night is an ideal choice for spending time with aquarius, especially because it does not involve socializing the entire time. They often need alone time and need to recharge after social situations, so having time with you but being permitted to concentrate without speaking will make them feel very comfortable.

pisces: many pisces' are artistic, so doing something like a paint night (can be virtual) would be nice for them. They can be a bit closed off, so having each of you focus on your own separate activities (but together) is ideal quality time for them.

aries: Adventure time! Aries are always super fired up and full of energy. Suggest trying something new together. Maybe snowshoeing? I'm not sure how much that is, but it seems totally doable to do socially distanced.

taurus: taurus obsesses over greenery. Make little terrariums together. Or, if you're avoiding spending, they love literally anything outdoors. Something as simple as taking a walk down a pretty street would make your taurus merry.

gemini: geminis are all about communication. A nice letter would be nice for gemini to receive. Include a stamp so they can send you one back - pen pal alert!!! This lockdown stuff has made a comeback for letter writing (at least I think so...what do I know, in my world, letters never left) and I think receiving a thoughtful letter for the holidays would be lovely. If your gemini isn't really into snail mail, they are also big learners - take a class together or have your gemini over (/invite them via Zoom) and teach them something you're an expert at (or at least half decent at). They love to learn, and learning from you will grant them the opportunity to get side-tracked with 1000 side conversations. Talk on gemini, talk on.

leo: ahhh, playful leo. Is a games night in order? A virtual, lockdown-appropriate Zoom games night, of course. Leos are also such regal creatures - if the pandemic allows, a spa day at home could be in order.

cancer: cancers love cozy. Sounds like a movie night in! You'll need some snacks (did I say snacks? I meant wine. Just kidding, I obviously meant both). Even so, a rather inexpensive night in (pandemic-friendly version can include delivering some snacks and wine and facetiming while you watch your movies simultaneously in your own homes). They're known for their cooking abilities, so cooking or baking (physically or virtually) together works also. They can also be quite sentimental, so a photo of the two of you would be a nice idea as well.

virgo: they love being productive. Activities that breed results are especially favourable for them, so maybe something like a team (virtual) workout sesh is in order?

libra: libras love to talk. This one is easy - scheduling time to chat would be perfect for them. Maybe even suggesting weekly or bi-weekly catch-ups can be nice. We all get so busy and it can be difficult for us to maintain our relationships. These relationships are super important to libras, so it might be nice to suggest something like this.

scorpio: I'll be honest, scorpios confuse me. They're so deep and intense. They live under a blanket of mystery. I think something sentimental may be in order here. Or maybe some artsy activities, hanging out and talking about the world's mysteries...deep shit, really.

sagittarius: these guys are always seeking adventure, and in our constant state of lockdown and risk of health, travel is obviously off the table. What we can do is get our sags' inspired with some places they can go to in the future. Sounds like a research (wine) party! Hang out, look up some destinations, make your travel destination lists...whatever. Hang out, talk flights, and dream of a day when travel is a real possibility...ahhhh, plane food...

capricorn: caps always be workin'. Offer your assistance in doing something productive. Repainting one of their rooms, re-organizing the kitchen cabinets, deep cleaning, things like that. Can't see them in person? Get creative and offer your assistance virtually in some capacity (e-mail clean up? I don't know, get creative!). Capricorn is always on-the-go, being productive and what not. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, yes?

So... that's my list, hope it's helpful. But you don't need me - I'm sure your peoples will be overjoyed with however you decide to spend time with them this holiday season.

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