We are Warriors.

We are Warriors.

By sage

We are Warriors.

It's been a time.

And it will continue to be a time. So how are we dealing with this?

We have to keep busy. We have to stay focused. We have to be productive. We have to stay connected. We have to keep working on ourselves, and help others work on themselves. We have some tips for you angels - to help you stay busy, see the light amidst the darkness, and heal.

read some books.

There’s nothing like sitting cozy on the couch, in bed, or by the window, and reading a soulful book. Light some candles, pour yourself a glass of wine and just feed your mind. Life gets busy between work, school, social visits, tending to your physical fitness - it can be difficult to find the time to sit with yourself and do something like read. Now is the time - amidst all of this uncertainty, let’s be grateful that we are gaining time. More time for self-reflection, more time for pointless phone calls with the ones you love, and more time for reading wonderful literature.

dance party.

Don’t forget to feed your soul. Put on some music, close your eyes, and move freely. If you won’t twirl yourself, who will?


Get a head-start on some Spring cleaning! I know I did. This keeps you busy and it also super relaxing. There is no feeling like getting more minimal.


Via online courses, language apps, straight up research of a topic you love. Let’s take this time to better ourselves: to learn something new, to learn something we have always been interested in, to learn for learning’s sake.

get outside.

Everyone needs fresh air and everyone needs a nice view of some trees. Got trees?

binge some TV.

Okay I know I’m always talking about healing your soul with artsy things, but sometimes a good old Netflix (Crave/Prime/Crunchyroll/DisneyPlus/and all of those) is important, too. For me, that means watching Game of Thrones so I can finally join the world and laugh at all of those memes that I don’t really understand. How often do we get to seriously binge on some TV? I know for me, that’s never.


These are uncertain times. Always have your back and be prepared for the worst. If you don’t already have an Emergency Fund set up…start now. This will all pass, but it provides some serious peace of mind.

put your 5-year plan to paper.

On the theme of planning, have you really thought about where you want to be in the future? Life is not always about the plan, and off-roading has always proven to be a good time…but there’s nothing wrong with having some goals. Whether your plan involves your career, your learning journey, your wellness journey, or getting a dog, is up to you. But it’s good to think about the future sometimes, and to think about what is really important to you and how you’re going to get there.

spend time with the ones you love.

With your partner, your roommate, your family - whoever you live with. This is the time to get to spend some solid quality time together. If you live alone, phone calls, video calls, and letters to your loved ones is key to this quarantine stuff. We need to stay connected. Even though this is a great time to get real with ourselves and learn to love our own company, it is still important to stay connected to other humans. This is what this life game is all about, right?


In times like these, with toilet paper in high demand and people nervous to go into the grocery store - it’s time we think about our consumption. We are constantly buying too much: too many sweaters, too many water bottles, too much hair product, too many snacks - we will be forced to cut this down now. And this is a habit we should continue. Let’s use less. Let’s use only what we need. Let’s stop overstocking our pantries, our closets and lives - less snacks, less clothes, less social media, less spending money on experiences that don’t provide quality time. Talking to my loves ones about how they’re coping, how they feel, and what they’re up to, have meant more to me than me and my loves ones going to a noisy restaurant where all we focus on is the food, the drinks and the music. Let’s make more time for each other. It’s time for some soul-to-soul interaction.

We will all heal. These times are and will be tough, but let’s do our best to see the light within it all. Let’s make the most of the time we have been given - to really get to know ourselves and to really connect with the ones around us on a real level. We are all in this battle together. We fight together, we survive together, we heal together.


In friendship, swords up,






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