Tea + Herbal Magic

Tea + Herbal Magic

By sage

Tea + Herbal Magic

Like crystals, plants harness magical properties, too. This does not mean that basil in your pasta is at work…it is still very much about intention. We need to harness the energy of the herb, direct its energies and execute with intention in order for something to actually happen.

so how do we use herbs magically?

Great question. There are a few methods we would recommend.

cook them.

Kitchen witch it up and cook some stuff. We are always cooking with herbs (by we I definitely mean me, I don’t mean to speak for all you beautiful people), so why not spice up your life even more with some goddam intention? You can achieve this with a little energy transfer, a spell, or just simply set your intention by saying it aloud (or thinking it real hard).

drink them.

Tea = potions. Think back to Potions class with Severus and whip up some stuff. I don’t know much about divination, you gotta ask our girl Sybill for that.

But really, choosing certain teas (and better yet, making your own tea pouches with the herbs of your choice) and throwing that intention in them will make your afternoon tea much more meaningful. Praise be. Do your thing, herbs.

pouch them.

Bunch up your herbs and intentions in a cute little pouch and carry them on your person, sleep with them under your pillow, or leave them hanging around the house. Like crystals, we can place herbs wherever we feel they are necessary to get that good good.

burn them.

Burn those badboys! Make smudge sticks or burn burn some ripped up herbs in a cauldron (or simply a fire-proof bowl if you don’t have a cauldron on hand - safety first, kids). Let that herbal magic spread through the air.

sprinkle them.

Like pixie dust, sprinkle those intention-filled herbs wherever the hell you want. Follow your heart! I mean, it does matter where you put them, kind of. If you’re trying to attract something or protect yourself, sprinkling by the doorways and windowsills is a good idea. If your intentions are work-related, maybe by your workspace would be helpful. You see where I’m going with this.

but which herbs am I sprinkling and drinking, and what not?

Plants are full of energy - you don’t need to choose certain ‘witchy’ herbs in order to utilize their magical properties. I wanted to share with you some faves of ours, and ones that are simple to obtain (and that you likely have on hand already). Think of it as a kitchen witch starter kit.


An herb as old as thyme! Said to purify the spirit and renew your energy, using thyme magick dispels negative energy that is living within us and in our homes. Place a pouch under your pillow while you sleep or place them around your home in the areas you spend the most time in. Associated with the water sign, it’s no doubt that thyme is a cleansing herb to use. Knowing this, it is probably at its most powerful when used in conjunction with water. In a soup, in a tea (is there thyme tea?), that kinda thing.


We have all experienced that oil of oregano magic when we feel we’re getting sick, yeh? Well that’s not all it does (although that would be enough, that stuff if pretty killer).

Oregano is associated with two elements, giving us so much flexibility: air and earth. Air is playful and roams where it pleases. Being associated with air, smudging with oregano can prove to be beneficial with oregano magic as the air wraps the aromas of oregano in its grasp and heals your home. On the earthy side of things, being practical with oregano use and throwing it in your food is a great option.

Oregano helps with creativity, protection, joy and travel. An oregano pouch is helpful to carry on your travels. It is good to cook for guests or have in tea to have joyful experiences with them.


Associated with the element of fire, this has some serious magick power, friends. It’s good for meditation and an excellent additive to any spell in order to increase its strength. A must have in your witchen pantry.

It also is said to have protective qualities - you can hang a sprig of basil over doorways, sprinkle basil in front of entrances/exits to protect yourself from negative energy and bad juju. It is also believed to attract abundance. Some say if you put basil in your wallet you attract wealth.


Now you can’t really burn, pouch or sprinkle lemon, but you can put in your food and teas. Lemon helps remove energy blocks and cleanses you, so it is a great addition to whatever you have going on.

a quick thing on tea

Now if you don’t feel like looking too much into it, and/or don’t want to pouch your own tea, that makes total sense. Here is a quick rundown of magical properties in the teas we know and love (just remember, magic is what you make it, and you can’t just steep tea with zero intention or focus and expect it to do things for you. You get what you give):

black tea: strength, protection, energy, luck

green tea: clarity, awareness, concentration, joy, mood-boosting, protective

oolong: divine intervention, love, mercy, strength, healing, protective

white tea: healing, benevolence

So that’s a quick little 101 thing for ya concerning herbal magic and what not. These are certainly not all of your options, but a good starting point for you. Green witches, unite. See y’all at tea time.





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