Spellcasting 101

Spellcasting 101

By sage

Spellcasting 101

Alright alright alright.

So you want to conjure a spell. No worries.

To perform a spell, you only have to do a few things, really…

cleanse (literally).

Take a bath or shower, put on some clean clothes that make you feel like your best you. For me, this is a witchy shirtdress or a graphic tee, granny cardigan and jean shorts. Do you, whatever that looks like.

finesse your ritual space.

Choose your location – outdoors ideally, of course. If indoors, as long as you have some fresh air coming in you’re golden. Open a window, balcony door, whatever you got going on. Smudging is key – you want to ensure your ritual space is clear of any bad juju with some sage. Walk it around your ritual space, draw a shape on the ground, create a shape on the ground with crystals, whatever you’re feeling.

defend against the dark arts.

We are not evil witches – we want to ensure that no bad spirits are coming into our space and hacking our spell. Protect yourself with a protective stone amulet or putting a protective herb like holly, hawthorn or garlic in your space or your pocket.

call for help.

Ask for help from the energies of others – for some, this may be a spirit. For me, this is Mother Nature. Call for help the way that feels natural to you – you don’t have to chant, but you can. You can dance, meditate, get into tree pose, sway. Whatever is the way you choose to communicate with your peoples is your choice.

cast your spell.

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Here is where you say what you want to happen. You can pull a traditional spell from a spellbook you have, or you can make up your own. The point is that you are saying aloud what your intentions are.

It is common to end your spell with so mote it be, which means ‘so must it be.’ You can choose your own ending if you’d like, but this has proven to be a popular closing statement for many others.

show gratitude.

Don’t forget to say thank you to those you called on for help. A gift, a bow, or a simple ‘thank you’ will do. Again, follow your heart.

close your space.

Your circle, pentagram, whatever your space was that you created for your ritual, must be closed. We need to let the Universe know that our spell has reached its end. Anything that you’ve put down (if any) should be picked up one by one, giving gratitude to each item. What I mean by this, is if you put several crystals in a circle, you must pick them up one by one to close your circle.

Easy, right? I told you.

Now go out there and get whatever the hell you want.

One call away,


photo: @sharonmccutcheon


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