Defence Against the Dark Arts

Defence Against the Dark Arts

By sage

Defence Against the Dark Arts

'Tis the season, witches.

A magickal time we all know and love. A spooky vibe is crossing all of us - and you may be thinking it's the perfect time to start conjuring up some spells. You're not wrong - the magick lingering in the air makes our spells much easier to cast. Similarly to new moon or full moon energy, our environment is full of mystic energy that we can take advantage of during this time. So let's.

Before doing a string of spells, I like to begin with some defence against the dark arts. Yes, that is correct - this was inspired by Harry Potter. Just because it derives from many of our favourite movie series, does not make it any less significant. This is real shit we have to pay attention to - maybe to make this more believable, we will call it as the commoners do - we need to begin with a protection spell. 

Yes, yes - sounds more legit now, right? 


purpose of beginning with a protection spell

When we do magick, even with the best of intentions, there is always room for negative energy entering our practice. Just like our daily lives - we may be walking down the street with only positive intentions and thoughts, however, there is always a chance negative energy enters the scene through a thought of your own, the influence of another, or just that negative vibe in an environment. To combat this, we need to cast a protection spell.


what to do 

First, read our spellcasting 101 blog for some foundational knowledge on how to cast a spell. 

The beauty about spellcasting (and magick in general) is that it is whatever the fuck you want it to be. Maybe your spell is a chant being repeated over and over again while you stare into the abyss. Perhaps it is you thinking your spellful thought while you stir your tea a certain number of times (insert lucky number here). Whatever you do, do with intention - and this, my friends, is what we call magick.


protective rituals for you (includes one spell)

Today I'm going to share with you a protective spell with two different methods it can be used in.

1) morning tea magick

For those of you who constantly spellcast (or manifest) throughout the day, incorporating a protective spell into your morning tea ritual is ideal. 

We mentioned in our tea + herbal magick blog that black tea is best for protection. We obviously recommend this, however, magick is all about you and your power, so drink whatever the hell makes you feel most cozy, safe and strong. For more advanced green witches, select the different herbs that contribute to what you need from this spell. Consult your botanical bible for this.

Once your tea is finished steeping, stir your tea and repeat continuously (aloud or in your head to yourself, whatever you prefer) what you want to achieve with this tea magick. In this case, you're going to want to name your demons: what are you trying to banish? What are you trying to protect yourself from today? If you're trying to protect yourself from negative energy in a general sense, indicate that. If you're trying to protect yourself from the toxicity of a specific person, indicate that. This portion is up to you - and no, it doesn't have to rhyme. My personal incantation for general protection from negative energy sounds like so:

No bad juju, no discomfort, no gloom,

Free me today of this doom.

All evil keep far away,

Protect my energy on this day. 

Yeah, mine rhymes. It's just more fun and gives me cliche witchy vibes. Rhyming is fun but not necessary. Say whatever you want - something as simple as "protect me from negative energy today" would suffice, as long as you say it with genuine intention. 

Remember that everything holds energy, so it is best to select a certain mug and certain stirrer that you always use when you conduct this. It shouldn't be used for non-magickal purposes anymore. And always remember to close your space and thank the universe for lending its support. So mote it be. 

2) candle magick

If you're preparing to cast a specific spell at your altar, it is a good idea to cleanse the space and ask the universe for protection with a candle. 

When you go to light your candle, use your ritual-specific matches or lighter to do so. Think about or say aloud what you're trying to achieve with this spell. Watch the wick light, the flame dance, and cast your protection spell. Bask in the calmness of your candlelight, continuously thinking or chanting your incantation. Connect with your candle - it is important to feel connected, put your energy into its flame, and let it do its magick. Once you feel safe, begin to cast your spells, mix your potions - whatever it is you're doing at your altar at this time. Ensure that you leave the candle lit throughout this process, and for a little while after you complete your ritual as well. You want to make sure the candle continues to work for you, cleansing and protecting your space and magick. 


There are of course various ways that you can protect yourself, your space and your magick. These are only two ways - but two simple ways that anyone can incorporate into their regular manifestation practices. 

Magick is what you make it - you can bring magick into your everyday life rather easily. These two methods are things I do on a regular basis - I drink tea, I light why not make these daily rituals more meaningful by incorporating some magick and manifestation? 

Incorporate what makes you comfortable - if you don't want to chant at home by yourself because you feel silly, that's fine. Maybe staring at your candle flame makes you feel silly. Maybe you can't come up with a rhyme for your incantation. At the core of magick is always intention - so do what you want, say what you want...just mean it. 

So mote it be.


Protecting myself and my coven + looking silly as hell,




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