Self-Love Languages

Self-Love Languages

By summer

Self-Love Languages

You've heard of the five love languages, surely, and perhaps you've even read Gary Chapman's book "The 5 Love Languages". As amazing as it is to know how you give and receive love from your family, friends and significant others, have you ever thought about how you give and receive love from yourself?

Falling right in line with our theme of self-love and self-growth in the month of January, we've been thinking and talking a lot about knowing how to be your own partner. When is the last time you put on a cozy and soft sweater just because, or took a morning stroll alone without the distraction of your phone, or journaled about your strengths? Throughout all your life, you'll always be the closest relationship you've got. So, why not strengthen that relationship you have with yourself?

Acts of Service

Before you can serve another, you need to begin by serving yourself. What are the things that make you feel good? Do you ever do anything just for yourself? When you perform acts of service for another, you are doing something to make their life easier: Think about doing something that future-you will thank you for.

Some Ideas:

  • Make your bed in the morning
  • Cook a nice meal, sit down to eat it
  • Pay your bills, set-up auto-payments
  • Plan your meals out for the week
  • Clean your bathroom
  • Get organized
  • Listen to your body and give it what it needs
  • Make a schedule for the week, the month

Words of Affirmation

What goes on in your head? Is your self-talk positive or does it cross the line into self-blame and shaming. Sometimes self-talk can be productive and push you forward, but there's a fine line between being proactive and pushing yourself to be better versus stressing yourself out and shaming yourself for not being good enough. How would you talk to yourself, if you were your crush?

Some Ideas:

  • Write out positive quotes on sticky notes for your mirror
  • Repeat "I am" affirmation statements in your meditation practice
  • Journal
  • Acknowledge yourself in an accomplishment
  • Express gratitude to yourself
  • Catch yourself when you fall into negative self-talk, and re-work your statements in the moment
  • Encourage yourself

Quality Time

Do you know how to spend time alone? Does it make you nervous to leave your phone at home, in your pocket when you go for a walk? Spending time with yourself while doing the things you love takes practice if you've never done it before. What is it that you love to do?

Some Ideas:

  • Morning walks
  • Practicing mindfulness
  • Play a video game
  • Meditate
  • Make time for your hobbies and interests
  • Relax and unwind with a book
  • Play your favourite instrument
  • Binge a Netflix series
  • Exercise

Physical Touch

What makes your body feel good? Keeping your physical well-being in mind, think of the ways in which you can show yourself love through sensation and touch. Don't forget about your skin, hair, nails and muscles.

Some Ideas:

  • Get comfy in bed
  • Wear your coziest sweats
  • Curl up under a weighted blanket
  • Invest in some silk pillows
  • Take a warm bath
  • Give yourself an at-home spa treatment
  • Stretch
  • Book a massage

Gift Giving

A hard one for many! It's so fun to buy for others, but do you ever think of getting a gift for yourself? Treat yourself to gifts that make you happy. These tangible tokens of love can be physical or experiential!

Some Ideas:

  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Practice intentional buying
  • Treat yourself to a small joy - coffee or tea?
  • Invest in your growth - take a course!
  • Buy a plane ticket!

Here is to more self-love this year, angels. Let's grow together.

- S


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