Pandemic-Derived Blessings

Pandemic-Derived Blessings

By sage

Pandemic-Derived Blessings

As the effects of the pandemic become normalized and our ability to partake in actual activities increases, it is important to acknowledge all of the lessons learned from these unprecedented times that we have collectively experienced.

I understand that we all dealt with this strange time in our lives differently, (and some were certainly more impacted than others) however I think there are some takeaways that many of us share. Paying homage to what we’ve learned and committing to the adoption of these in our lives post-pandemic is what I’m here for today.

So what are some habits we’ve adopted during the pandemic?

In fear of elevators, we are taking the stairs.

In fear of going stir-crazy and insane, we are getting more time outdoors.

In fear of becoming ill, we are practicing excellent personal hygiene.

In fear of being identified as a ‘silent spreader,’ we are thinking more about the well-being of others and are being cautious about the way we interact.

Having lost face-to-face human interaction, we are greeting strangers we pass by on our hiking trails (from a distance, of course).

Having lost the option for restaurants, we are cooking more at home.

Having lost the option to visit our loved ones, people who preferred texting to calling are now calling their loved ones to have more personal and genuine interactions.

Being confined to the home, we are re-learning things about our family members, significant others and friends.

Being unable to go out to malls and restaurants, we are saving our money.

Due to daycare and school closures, we are spending more quality time at home with our children.

Running out of TV shows to stream, we are reading more.

Out of boredom, we are growing our own vegetables and herbs.

Looking for ways to self-improve due to lack of distractions (I mean, activities), we are implementing work out routines.

Having no choice but to work from home and self-isolate, we are adapting to our environment in ways that we never fathomed.

I find comfort in knowing that something so life-altering, frightening and challenging has resulted in the adoption of healthy habits. The human race has a bit more work to do, but I’m feeling more hopeful than ever that we are on the right track (most days).

Let’s keep these habits up post pandemic, shall we?


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