Open Your Heart!

Open Your Heart!

By sage

Open Your Heart!


Let’s talk about this for a moment. The heart chakra is so important- it connects all of your other energy centres, as it is located in the middle of your chest and connects your lower chakras with your higher ones. Keeping your heart chakra in check is important for a variety of reasons though, moreso than just connecting all of your energies. Let’s explore this.


Your heart chakra is all about growth, love, and the necessary qualities associated with relationships. I’m not just talking about relationship relationships, but friendships, familial ties, and your relationship with the most important person in this world: yourself.

When we have a healthy heart chakra, we feel loving, trusting, compassionate, connected - we are able to accept, forgive, and empathize with others. We want to make sure that our relationships are as healthy as they can be - we want to make sure that all of our relationships are full of compassion, love, trust, and acceptance.

When our heart chakra is out of balance, you may be lacking some self-love. You feel guilty; you’re withdrawn and being all anti-social and angst-y and what not. You’re not allowing yourself to take chances because you’re living in fear of rejection; you’re not allowing yourself to be close to people because you fear intimacy. You may be lacking meaningful relationships - you’re having a hard time relating to others, you’re holding grudges (on silly things, most likely), and are unable to forgive. And worst of all - you can’t see the beauty in things, including yourself. You’re reliving those teenage years (on a lesser scale, thank goodness) and everything sucks and everything is awful and you just want to go home and put your headphones on and die. Dramatic, I know. But hey, sometimes we are!! Well, I know I am. Whatever, moving on.


I know, and it is. So how do we avoid this? Or, how do we combat this? I will warn you now - all of my suggestions are very WELL, DUH, SAGE…or WOW SAGE, HOW VAGUE… but honestly, when it comes to your heart chakra, only you have the power to decide what will unblock it. I mean, I’ll give my input anyway. But you guys don’t need me.

Participate in breathing exercises. Your heart chakra is associated with the element of air, and when our heart chakras are blocked we may physically feel this when it comes to our breathing. Do some breathing exercises, relax, let Nature’s gentle touch run through you and activate your heart chakra. If this doesn’t work, you’re doing something for your body so it’s a good idea to do it anyway.

Go look at pretty things. Let’s try to appreciate the beauty in the world. Go to the art gallery, or a museum, or take a walk in a ravine. Whatever you think is beautiful - be around it. Whenever my heart chakra is blocked, I watch American Beauty and ball my eyes out to remind me that no matter how mundane I may think something is (aka my life), I cannot let my perspective overshadow the beauty that lies within it. It reminds me to pick up a plastic bag and watch it glide with the wind (Note: if you do this, please make sure you chase it down the street so that it can be disposed of properly. Another side note: the plastic bag has not glided as gracefully as it has in that film as of yet…but alas, I have faith).

Spend time with loved ones. As much energy as it takes to get yourself off the couch and get ready to meet your friends, do it. In the moment the task seems exhausting - but after the fact you’ll be happy you went. When we’re fighting with our partners or our families, our instincts tell us we need our space and we need time away - that may be true, but don’t over-do it. Take some time, then show up. Showing up for people is one of our greatest powers, yet so few have mastered this…

Heal past relationships. When things go south, it is easy to react poorly. It is easy to block that person or ignore every message they send going forward. This brings you zero closure, and brings them none as well. Talk it out. It sucks, it hurts, and you’re dedicating your valuable time - but healing is important. Ignoring is not synonymous to healing. How will we grow if we try to forget our past experiences? Spoiler alert: we won’t.

Practice self-care. Whatever self-care means to you, execute it. Journaling, doing yoga, taking a mental health day - it’s time to clear your mind and focus on you and you alone. You are the most important thing. Don’t ever forget that.

Give and receive. This is so important in matters of love and friendship. Personally, I am a giver. I am awful at accepting anything, even a small compliment about my hair. Famous response to a hair compliment: “Oh weird, I haven’t washed it all week.” To my givers: start receiving. Accept compliments, accept new experiences, accept love. For my receivers: Give a little, would ya? Let’s tell our loved ones that they are in fact, our loved ones. Or at least tell them their sweater is cool or something.

Let go. Easier said than done, I know. Believe me. But we cannot have a healthy heart chakra without having let go of our past grievances. How can we see beauty in things when we’re holding on to all of the ugly of our pasts? How can we learn to be open and honest in our relationships when we have not given up our closed-nature because of that one person who wronged us that one time. And even if it was a few people, on a few occasions who have wronged us - they are wrong. Do not let them block your heart chakra when you have so much more love to give those who are deserving of it.

Be grateful. Express gratitude in your relationships. Thank the ones who are there for you. Thank people for being them. I would be nowhere without my coven…and I tell them all the time.

Be honest. Be open and honest in your relationships. Avoiding a difficult conversation is doing no one any favours. Tell your friend what you really think. Tell your partner how you really feel. If you don’t, you’ll just end up blocking your heart chakra. And feeling crappy. Sounds like a lose-lose to me.

Crystal healing. There’s always crystals! Grab some rose quartz, jade, green calcite - place a crystal in the middle of your chest. Or have a loved one place one in the centre of your spine. Think green and let it flow through you.

Aromatherapy. Essential oils such as rose, geranium, ylang ylang, neroli can assist you. Do not blend unless you are familiar with safe handling practices and proper formulas for blending, please. And of course, we have our heart chakra candle to aid you in your journey to balancing your heart charka. Infused with rose and sandalwood, lighting this candle allows the aromas of these oils to help activate your heart chakra.

I am self-love. I am compassion. I am safe. I am love.

Wow. I’m feeling rather emotional as I write this post. I think starting today I will be focusing on my own heart chakra…who knew.


~ In friendship,



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