New Moon in Virgo

New Moon in Virgo

By sage

New Moon in Virgo

Aha, the new moon is in Virgo this September 17th and man on man…thank you for blessing us with your presence. I could sure use the help from some virgo energy.

Playtime has come to an end. Back to school, back to the grind, goodbye summer, etc etc. It is September - a time to re-focus our priorities, get organized, and just be productive, you know?

significance of the new moon

Remember that the new moon is a new beginning for all of us. Mother Moon is saying hey friends, new moon, new me, let’s set some personal goals to work towards self-betterment. The new moon is a great time to start new projects, set personal goals and just start fresh, really.

This new moon is in virgo and we need to get organized. Playful leo is done with us and it’s time to get serious, people.

virgo is all about the details.

We have to slow our lives down for a moment and we need to think about the decisions we are making. We all love to be able to say that we’re adventurous and spontaneous and impulsive, but honestly, this moon is telling us to chill the f out for a moment and not dive into things so blindly. I know it’s fun, but virgo new moon says it’s no good. When she speaks, you listen.

earth signs loooove security.

Yes, by security, I do in fact mean cash money. Let’s channel this virgo energy this new moon to set some budgeting intentions. I don’t want to be a buzzkill, but these second wave whispers are crying out for a virgo-inspired excel spreadsheet for your budget. Don’t forget to put money away into your emergency fund, people. I’m sure having experienced this pandemic together, we can all agree on the importance of an emergency fund because this year, Mother Nature made it super clear that you just never fucking know.

virgos are all about productivity.

Yes, ‘tis the season to get shit done and what not, but always remember to take breaks, Don’t get burnt out, that is no good! It is so so good that virgo energy will help us get super organized and attentive to our life errands and what not, but don’t go overboard. Let’s remain as stress-free as possible. Take a walk, stop to smell the posies and all that. Virgo is still an earth sign after all - get grounded, people.

virgos seek perfection.

Virgo energy may have us desiring perfection, and I want to remind you all that perfection is simply not a thing. Don’t get caught up in this obsession for ‘perfection’ and don’t beat yourself up when things don’t go exactly as envisioned. The New Moon is here to give us the opportunity to set our intentions for this lunar cycle. Does this mean we are going to get all of it done? No. Does this mean we are going to follow through with our intentions with 100% grace? No. They’re called new moon intentions, not new moon demands.

new moon-approved activities: virgo edition

In the interest of getting back into our post-summer grooves, here are some things to think about when setting your new moon intentions.

Security: Get your finances in order, amigos. Make your plan, set your budgeting goals and lay low for a bit. Your future self will thank you.

Solitude: It’s time for some alone time. Pencil yourself in, people! Your most important relationship is with yourself, and just like any relationship, you need to spend time with yourself in order to begin appreciating your own company. Set some new moon intentions about how you are going to do this, what your routine will consist of, how often, etc.

Sanctuary: We need to create safe spaces in our minds to allow our thoughts to flow freely. Oftentimes (for me, anyway), our thoughts can get a bit out of control, and can lead us to think or feel negative things that are simply untrue. This can impact our mood, our actions, the way we speak to people, and the way we live our lives, really. One of my own new moon intentions will be to be more conscious about these thoughts, and being able to catch myself when they are happening in the moment. Will I be 100% successful? Probably not, but it’s the intention that counts here.

Self-Love: Let’s adopt healthy habits for our minds, bodies, and souls. Do with this as you will.

Praise be, Mother Moon. Thank you for allowing us to be reborn, yet again, under your watchful eye and with the support and guidance from blessed virgo.


In the stars,.



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