New Moon in Taurus

New Moon in Taurus

By sage

New Moon in Taurus

It has finally arrived - a day of wonder, magic, and all around awesomeness is upon us. That’s right kids, it’s Sage’s mothafuckin birthday eve. And Earth Day, and the New Moon. Could we be more blessed?

I don’t mean to make this all about me, but I mean, this quarantine stuff is limiting everyone’s birthday plans. This New Moon is going to keep me busy and I am beyond grateful - I’m excited to prepare for the start of a new lunar cycle. I can’t wait to set my intentions, plant some shit, and have some scotch all under a vast dark sky.

Significance of the New Moon

A fresh start. Plain and simple. Remember all of that bad juju we rid ourselves of with the Full Moon a couple weeks ago? Well Mother Moon is giving us the gift of a New Moon, which gives us the opportunity to start over. It’s a new beginning, and a great time to start new projects, set new goals and make overall positive change.

The New Moon in Taurus

Taurus gets shit done. This will help you with your focus. Whatever your New Moon intentions are, having the Moon in Taurus is ideal right now because this will certainly help with achieving your goals. Taurus also loves quality stuff and thrives when comfortable and secure. So for this New Moon, let’s make sure our spaces are pleasing, bring us joy, and keep us grounded. I mean, we’re spending all of our time at home these days, so might as well make our homes killer places to be.

Uranus and Saturn at Werk

Now there is a minor issue here. Uranus represents change (and rebellion, arguably) while Saturn is all for tradition, and quite frankly, can be restrictive. Not because it is being restrictive with evil intention, but because it reminds us of the importance of structure in our lives. This binary makes this New Moon kind of tricky and the plans you set for this lunar cycle may…go off-roading, so to speak. But we are resilient, and this pandemic has shown us just that. We will adapt, be patient and keep on rolling with the punches. How’s that for growth and self-development? I dig.

But seriously, what a great time to think about both change and tradition under the New Moon - what traditions (or habits) of yours do you want to keep, and what things do you want or need to change? Again, I will reference our new quarantine realities - we have all adjusted our daily routines so much to do our parts and stay home. Some of these things I am sick of, of course - but some have been very healthy improvements. What am I thinking about during this New Moon? I’m thinking about all of the new habits I’ve set, and I’m going to write them down and choose which ones I will continue, even post-pandemic.

New Moon-Approved Activities

I personally like to diversify my goals and intentions. I like to plan out at least one of each goal category: spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and financial. A jill-of-all-trades, I don’t like to discriminate. But you do you - follow your heart.

Meditate. Take some time to get in tune with yourself. Mirror the sky and clear your mind - this will help you get real deep within yourself. Afterwards, think about, set, and read your intentions aloud for the Universe to hear.

Create a new financial plan. Unfortunately a lot of our realities have changed financially. We have been living with these changes and it is a good idea to adjust or create a new budget. In true Taurean fashion, I will tell you just how important your financial plan is! Amidst all of this, still try put something away to pay yourself. Emergency funds are key - but hey, you guys already know this, right?

Start that project you’ve been putting off. Whether it’s cleaning your closet out, painting that picture, or starting that business plan for your small business. The time is NOW! Mother Moon is begging you to begin.

Learn that thing you’ve been curious about. Summer and I have been all about the free online courses. I am personally going to be starting my Curanderismo course, as well as a Magic in the Middle Ages course. Beyond excited, people. Coursera is so clutch right now.

Plant some stuff. It’s Earth Day, it’s a time of new beginnings - we couldn’t ask for a more perfect time to do this.

Start your workout routine. We know you’ve been all over those IG live workouts. But how consistent are you? Time to set your routine and be ready to stick to it!

Although some of our goals and dreams may be seemingly unattainable right now, or may seem far away amidst this pandemic we are all experiencing, it is still important to set intentions for the New Moon. Maybe not everything will be done by the end of the lunar cycle but that’s okay! The point is not to fully accomplish these things by the the time of the Full Moon - it is to start projects that mean something to you, to set intentions that will lead you to be your best self. Once the Full Moon comes around, we will reflect on our progress. And if our projects are not serving us as we thought they would, then we will change our approach. Simple as that, people. New Moon, New Me (maybe not new, but improved I think).

New Moon Mantras

Write down your intentions and say them aloud. And then say…

I am open and ready to receive.

I am ready to embrace change.

I am open to new opportunities.

I am reborn.

I don’t mean to overwhelm you. Whether you set ten intensions or one - this does not matter. Do what is feasible for you. Focus on what you think will serve you best, and choose that (or those). This post is simply meant to remind you that Mother Moon is here for you - she is ready to help you navigate this lunar cycle and guide you on the path of progress, for whatever you decide is important to you. Whatever that looks like does not matter - you do you, I do me, and the New Moon hangs out and supports us from the mysterious, beautiful sky above.

Praise be.

In the stars,


photo: @eiskonin


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