Moon Watch: 6 Important Pieces to Your Full Moon Ritual

By sage


The pink full moon is rising, people.

On April 7 @ 10:35PM EST, Mother Nature will bless us with a pink supermoon.

So what’s the deal with Full Moons, anyway?

The light of the Full Moon brings to light things that are typically hidden– this is why you find yourself overly emotional and why others may be acting different. Some people’s personalities may be a little off during a Full Moon because of this. Our hidden selves suddenly come to life, and you may realize that you have stress or anxiety about things you didn’t think you were thinking about because it was hidden beneath the surface this entire time. The Full Moon is meant to create awareness for you, and to give you the opportunity to reflect and make some course corrections so that you shift onto the right path.

Significance of the Full Moon in Libra

Our upcoming Full Moon is in Libra, who represents balance and harmony. It is likely that you’re seeking middle ground – you are aware of your contradictory self and opposing energies that are work, and it is in our best interest to try and harmonize these things.

Libra is the sign all about relationships – so when we are thinking about opposing energies and attempting to find middle ground, that is not only with ourselves. During this time it is important to think about the relationships within our lives: family, friends, partners. It’s time to address what is causing any unbalance. It’s the perfect time to reflect on how we’ve been showing up in our relationships and to adjust what we need to in order to restore harmony. And plus, isn’t everything better when we all just get along?

Using Full Moon Energy to Close a Chapter

The Full Moon has protective qualities, so performing rituals under the Full Moon is a safe space for you to do so. Above all else, the Full Moon represents endings – the closing of our chapter. What have you been up to lately? Is there something you need to let go of?

Now is the time to let go. We need to cleanse so that we are prepared to recharge when the New Moon arrives, where we can set new intentions.

So what does our Full Moon ritual look like, then?

cleanse your space.

Sage, palo santo, or a customized smudge stick are all great ways to cleanse your immediate environment. Your home should be a safe space, free of negative and unproductive energy. If you don’t have these on hand, that’s okay – you can cleanse your space in other ways. Declutter, clean up, get rid of unnecessary items. Rearrange your home to highlight things that bring you happiness.

charge your crystals.

There is no time like the full moon to charge your crystals! Wash your crystals the day before the Full Moon (with moon water, if you have it). Let them bask in the moonlight the night of the Full Moon. Make a sacred space for them (clean and set up your windowsill, the table on your balcony, an area in your backyard) and let them soak in the energy. Placing them on earthy items is ideal, but moonlight is moonlight so no matter where you set them, you are doing something wonderful for them.

make moon water.

We don’t have the luxury of experiencing a Full Moon all the time, so we need to take advantage of its energy while we have it. Grab a mason jar, fill it with water, and do the same thing you’re doing with your crystals. Let the water soak in that moonlight.

What do you do with it after? Whatever you want! Water your plants, throw some in your bath, clean your crystals, drink it. The list goes on.


As this chapter comes to a close with the Full Moon, we want to reflect on the things or people in our lives that we may be holding onto that are not good for us any longer. It’s time to let go of unwanted habits, people, or circumstances. Get out a journal, write down the things you’d like to let go of, rip that paper out of your notebook and recycle that shit.

release your energy.

We carry so much built up energy and we need to release this as well! Let go of build-up through running, dancing around your home, yoga, or whichever movement feels right for you. (Haven’t you ever wondered why witches dance under the Full Moon? They know what’s up.)

perform a spell.

A banishing spell would work best, I’d think. Banish unwanted anxieties, unnecessary stress, and general negativity. This will be good to do during the Full Moon, given that we are trying to let go and cleanse. Never done a spell before? No problem! Check out our post on how to conjure a spell here.

Let us know what your Full Moon ritual looks like. We’d love to know!


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