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So everyone knows that witch is such a generalization… there are so many different types of witches out there, including cosmic witches, green witches, crystal witches, eclectic witches, and you guessed it… kitchen witches (although the list does go on…and on…and on). So what are kitchen witches all about? How do you conjure spells over the stovetop? Which spices or herbs harness magical or healing properties? What rituals should be followed in the kitchen?

These are all great questions, and all answers that should be tailored to your individual practice. But of course, as always, here I am to give you a list of things in case you want a starting point in order to start building your kitchen grimoire and implementing kitchen rituals that work for you.


Before we begin, kitchen witches essentially make their homes a sacred place (with emphasis on the kitchen, of course). They use a lot of their energy in the kitchen, where they choose spices and herbs based on intention, curate and follow recipes with a desired spiritual end goal, and follow daily rituals.

Here is a quick list of rules kitchen witches may live by, sprinkled with things you may find on their kitchen altar (I mean counter).

wooden spoon wand

Ahhhh, the kitchen drawer staple. Natural utensils are the best utensils. Earthy.

energized utensils

Regularly speak intentions and transfer energy into your favourite kitchen utensils. What do you use most? Ensure your wooden spoon, whisk (excellent for combining magical ingredients) and mortar and pestle are energetically maintained.

Treat your utensils like you do your crystals. Wrap them up nicely, charge them, cleanse them - you can even store your bowls with crystals. It’s about respect, people. You get what you give. You want your utensils to help nourish you? Nourish them!

cleansing rituals

Treat your kitchen with respect and it will do the same. The kitchen is a sacred space where meals that nourish us, body and soul, are prepared. Regularly cleaning your oven (including behind it, friends), kitchen cabinets, fridge and sink are integral to kitchen witchery success. Old wives tales tell us not to leave dirty dishes in the sink before going to bed otherwise you will have bad dreams…even if this isn’t true, let’s tell ourselves this to ensure cleanliness, amirite?

kitchen grimoire

Having a dedicated book of spells for your kitchen recipes is key for kitchen witches. Yes, you may have your regular cookbooks (which can be infused with a bit of intention in order to produce magical meals) but it is nice to have a separate book for your magical recipes only.

beginner tip: having a cheatsheet on different spices and herbs and what their healing properties are makes kitchen witchery more simple. Need a staring point?

See our blog on herbs: https://dioden.ca/blogs/news/tea-herbal-magic

herb garden

Invested kitchen witches (who have the space and the time) typically have an herb garden going on. They really care about where their ingredients come from, and who is more trustworthy than yourself, right?

cooking with herbs

Now even I do not know everything there is to know about every single herb (can hardly tell you four or five to be perfectly transparent). How do we fix this? We learn! Try focusing on a new herb everyday: educate yourself on its magical properties and try to use it in your meal prep that day. Don’t have that kind of time, focus, or otherwise? No worries - do it on a weekly basis. There is no due date! Do what you please!

kitchen guardian

Having a figurine on your kitchen altar blesses your space and protects it from any ill-will (I personally keep mine on the ledge above my stovetop). Make sure you infuse it with your spiritual energy, always remind it of your intentions while you’re cooking or preparing food and cleanse its energy under full moons.

sacred counter space

Like an altar, leave items of divine significance to you on your countertops. Do you swear by crystals? Make sure you have some in view in your kitchen space. Are you a green witch? Have some plants nearby. Crystals, photos, figures, plants, books - anything you find of spiritual value or divine significance should be scattered throughout your kitchen space.


As you can see, there are so many ways that we can incorporate magic into our cooking practice. Rituals are your own and can be applied in any given situation, including the kitchen.



A good rule of thumb is simply surrounding intention: set your intention before you start preparing your meal, carefully select the ingredients to include (this is where your herb research can come in handy!), and don’t forget to eat with intention and give thanks to the Earth for nourishing us, body and soul.


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