Is Anyone Actually Spring Cleaning?

Is Anyone Actually Spring Cleaning?

By summer

Is Anyone Actually Spring Cleaning?

Alright, spring is just around the corner.


Seriously...March 20th, that's a mere 10 days away. And, as we've heard all our lives, spring is all about spring cleaning. So, who is actually doing this big cleaning spree?! Are you? Or, are you the type to stray away from things that feel overwhelming and BIG? *shifty eyes* (I am totally talking about myself.)

If there is anything that quarantine has taught us, among them is definitely a lesson in getting our homes in order. However, I don't know about you, there are a couple of things that stop me from cleaning. Ahem, let me get my scroll out.

  • It feels big. If you live in a house or condo with many rooms, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Each room carries its own...mess.
  • Spending all day in one room. I know some people may enjoy this, but not me. Just thinking about cleaning in one room, all day, gives me the chills. Get me out of here!
  • It takes all day! The absolute worst part...the fact that cleaning feels like it takes ALL. DAY. LONG. This is the ultimate reason why I never even bother starting.

Do you feel any of these big burdens around cleaning, too? If you do, I know you probably want to be better, just as I certainly do. Trust me, I don't like myself this way! And, if you do feel the way I do, I believe these subsequent tips may actually get us somewhere.

Spring Cleaning Tips

  1. Break up your tasks. (This is my new answer to everything.) If something feels big and overwhelming, take it in chunks. This begins with breaking up the big rooms into tasks. For instance, instead of "cleaning the kitchen" why not make your task for the day "clean the microwave"? Boom. Something you can actually check off the to-do list for the day.
  2. Change up your space! Who made the rule that we need to clean ALL of the kitchen, before moving on to the dining room? What if, instead you chose one task from the kitchen, one from the dining room, and one from the bedroom?
  3. Spread it out. Why does cleaning have to be done in one day, or one week for that matter? Why can't spring cleaning...take all of spring? I'm serious!


What do you think, could you spread out your spring cleaning schedule to last all spring? This is a challenge that I will be taking on and I can't wait to share my journey with you from March 20 all the way through June 20!


Are you with me?



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