DIY face mask

DIY face mask

By sage

DIY face mask

Summer & I have been trying our best to remain peaceful this month and have dedicated some time to ~unwinding~.

Lots of candlelight, less stress, more baths, more face masks - just self-caring, you know? We're trying to hang out while we can. Soon the hustle + bustle of summer will be upon us, our slow post-holiday season period will be over and we will be in the thick of everything once again.

So while we still have time to unwind and what not, I wanted to share with you a DIY face mask I came across.

From time to time I venture onto tiktok to get some quick video information about nutrition and skincare and whatever else. I found this dermatologist who puts up super quick and informative videos and she shared a DIY face mask recipe with the world. It helps with dark spots, acne, and is just great for overall glowing and tings. Here it is.


2 tbsp gram flour*

1 tsp turmeric paste

3 tbsp milk

a few drops of honey + rose water

mix, apply to face for 15-20 mins, and voila! You glow, girl.

*note: flour is just for consistency, if you prefer to skip the flour just try to thicken it up as best you can without it.


check her out, her videos are really informative and are super easy to digest. @derm4brownskin



attention lemon lovers:

she also taught me about lemons and skincare!! I recently found out that this isn't great for your face. I guess we are under the impression that lemon is cleansing, because as an essential oil and within cleaning products it totally is. Unfortunately it is not great for our skin as it is acidic and can actually burn the skin, according to @derm4brownskin. Makes sense to me.


That's all I got for you today, friends. Unfortunately I will not be sharing a photo of me with the facemask because I may or may not be leaving my eyebrows untamed as I wait for Toronto to open up and re-shape these bad boys.


I used regular flour because that's what I had on hand. Also I find the less flour, the better.



glowing & such,






Thank you @derm4brownskin for the face mask recipe.


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